As we are all well aware, the “Coronavirus”, or “Covid-19” is effecting every part of our lives, including work places. Social distancing is one way that we can do our bit and help flatten the curve.

Below is the Governments advice for practicing Social Distancing in the workplace.

If you can, work from home. If you cannot work from home and you are sick, you must not attend your workplace. You must stay at home and away from others.

Steps for social distancing in the workplace include:

  • stop shaking hands to greet others
  • consider cancelling non-essential meetings. If needed, hold meetings via video conferencing or phone call
  • put off large meetings to a later date
  • hold essential meetings outside in the open air if possible
  • promote good hand, sneeze and cough hygiene
  • provide alcohol-based hand rub for all staff
  • eat lunch at your desk or outside rather than in the lunch room
  • regularly clean and disinfect surfaces that many people touch
  • open windows or adjust air conditioning for more ventilation
  • limit food handling and sharing of food in the workplace
  • avoid non-essential travel
  • promote strict hygiene among food preparation (canteen) staff and their close contacts

 As the construction industry is classified as an essential service, we all need to join together and do what we can at work to stop the spread of Coronavirus.