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Whether working indoors or out, nothing beats the flexibility of aluminium static scaffolding. Its light weight and quick erection make it a must for all but the largest of construction projects. With the ability to wrap around odd shaped walls and tight corners, it’s the right choice for a variety of applications. We’ve yet to see a site we can’t provide access to and we’re always up for a challenge!

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Why choose aluminium scaffolding?

When it comes to static scaffolding, there is always one big question we get: What’s better, aluminium or steel? Whilst there’s no definitive answer, there is one clear advantage that aluminium scaffolding has over steel and that’s weight. Aluminium has a much lower weight than steel while still maintaining a high load-bearing capacity.

The reduced weight of aluminium scaffolding has a number of flow-on effects. Firstly, it is much more manoeuvrable, making installation and disassembly easier and hence quicker. This equates to a cost saving as there are fewer labour hours involved. It is also much easier to handle, meaning there is less potential for damage during installation. Finally, the lower weight can result in reduced transport costs which are passed on.

Another benefit for long term scaffolding solutions is aluminium’s self-healing properties. When scratched, aluminium forms a protective oxidised layer. Steel, on the other hand, will rust which will weaken the material over time as well as possibly bleed onto surfaces you’re trying to protect.

Our process


To ensure you’re getting access to all the required areas, our team of experts will work with you on site. We’ll assess your requirements against the building’s configuration and find a solution that will work without cutting any corners.


When the work is ready to go, our qualified installers will quickly and safely erect your scaffolding. We pride ourselves on getting the job done on time to minimise the disturbances to your project schedules and avoiding costly delays.


Rather than install a complete scaffolding around a building, we can erect and relocate smaller sections based on your work areas. If you don’t require access everywhere, all the time, then this can be a great long-term cost saving.


After the job is complete, we’ll disassemble and remove the scaffolding. Just like with installation, our team are fast and effective to ensure your project is completed and ready for handover as soon as possible.

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