Do you need scaffolding for your home handyman project??

Tackling a home handyman job is a great idea. You can get the satisfaction of completing a job yourself and save a lot of money. But ensuring you have safe access when working at heights is really important.

All different types of scaffolding can be used around the house and getting the right access for your needs is imperative. The most common types are mobile scaffold, which is on wheels so they are great to move around to access all different hard to reach areas, and static scaffold, which is used outside to support you when you are working at heights.

Safety is always an issue when working at heights which means there are strict regulation that must be adhered to. If you’re thinking of starting a home renovation, it might be a good idea to keeps some safety facts in mind.

Scaffolding can only be erected up to 4 meters in height without a license

If you do need a mobile scaffold and it’s under 4 vertical meters you can erect it yourself. We’ll be happy to give you a guide to help you erect it, but if it’s over 4 vertical meters you need a basic scaffolding licence to safely erect it.  Over 4 meters they can become a bit top heavy and can tip over if they haven’t been properly erected. Getting a professional to make sure your access is safe and sturdy is a must. Safety first is our motto.

Does your Insurance Policy Cover Home Improvements?

Remember to check your insurance policy before you start your home renovation. It’s a good idea to check if your home insurance policy covers injuries caused by home improvement projects. Better to be safe than sorry.

We can help

Working at heights can be dangerous but you can minimise the risk by using safe and compliant scaffold solutions.  If we can give you some advice to make your experience easier, safer and cost effective, please give us a call at Aluminium Access Systems on 0755346066 or enquire with us today.