Did you know? Fun scaffolding facts!

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. But don’t knock it till you read it. Scaffold is some pretty interesting stuff!

Although it seems pretty simple, in reality scaffold is far more complex! Scaffold is a product of what we call “Precision Engineering”. However, we aren’t going to bore you with those details, instead we are going to discuss some interesting facts associated with this structure which is so common in the world of domestic and commercial construction!

  1. Metal scaffold didn’t exist until the 20th Century!

As we know, scaffolding today is primarily made of metal, whether that be aluminium or steel. But this has not always been in the case!

Scaffold has come a long way – back in the day, bamboo was the most commonly used material for both commercial and residential projects. However due to the high demand of these widely used structures, the supply of wood, bamboo in particular made a rapid decline. This is what led to the discovery of an alternate material – and here we are!


  1. Where did scaffold originate from?

Evidence has it that China and North Africa were the inventors of scaffold.

Did you know, the Great Wall of China was built using bamboo scaffolds?


  1. Michelangelo was a scaffolder? Say whatttt?

Yep, that’s right, Michelangelo is considered to be the best scaffolder in history! It is believed that he designed a scaffold to paint the ‘Sistine Chapel’.


So there you have it, scaffolding has come a long way, and there is not much we can’t achieve with our advanced techniques and equipment.

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