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Scaffolding is used to support tradesmen in building and repairing structures, most commonly when working at heights.  As we know, working at heights comes with its risks, so it is essential that the design, erection and dismantle is done correctly and by qualified persons.

There are numerous components we consider when quoting a scaffold job. Including the type of scaffold you require, for example mobile or static scaffold, what sort of access you need and what kind of materials you will be using on the scaffold.

There are very strict guide lines through work place health and safety that we need to abide by. The Scaffolding Code of Practice ensures safety for the installer when erecting and dismantling scaffold, and for the end user to ensure they can safely go about their job without the risk of falling from heights. A qualified scaffolder will ensure that fall prevention measures are in place. For example mesh, guard rails and toe boards.


Obtaining a High Risk Work Licence for Scaffolding?

There are 3 types of tickets.

  1. Basic Ticket
  2. Intermediate Ticket
  3. Advanced Ticket


Here at Aluminium Access we pride ourselves on having highly qualified staff with an abundance of experience across the different types of scaffolding projects. This ensures we are efficient, reliable and most importantly safe. To get the right advice please give us a call.