Why choose Aluminium?

The biggest advantage Aluminium scaffold has over steel is its weight. This makes a great deal of difference in the efficiency of erecting and dismantling the scaffold, as well as transporting the components.

What are the benefits of lighter scaffold?

  • Lower transport costs
  • Less labour required – resulting in less man power and lower cost for the client
  • Easier to manoeuvre and handle components which makes it easier to assemble
  • Fast assembly – aluminium scaffold is very quick to erect and dismantle
  • Less potential damage to surroundings

All of the points mentioned above, result in lowering the overall cost of the scaffold project.

Aluminium scaffolds light weight alone gives it a great advantage over steel. However, there are also extra benefits with safety, flexibility and handling that make it the material of choice.

Another great thing about aluminium scaffold is its ability to repair its self. When aluminium is scratched, it forms a protective oxidised layer that preserves the inner core. Steel on the other hand, will rust if it is scratched causing the metal to progressively weaken. Rust can also cause issues in wet conditions, where it can bleed and cause discolouration on buildings it comes in contact with.

As you can see, Aluminium Scaffold has many advantages that benefit both the scaffold team and the client. This, combined with our experienced and efficient staff enables us to offer a safe, cost effective and timely scaffolding experience.